Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy new year! (And progress updates)

Happy new year! May 2008 be a good year!

As in updates: I've managed to complete the loading of all assets and the game actually ends up being started. So, the next step is to place some units on the map and start building the turn system.

I'm not entirely sure on how I'm going to implement the turn-system yet. I intended to send a StartTurn to all clients, which then starts each turn. But, as lag increases, the game would hang for a short period of time with this system(Perhaps not even noticeable). So I could send them out sooner, but that would mean I could miss packets with commands in them. Not sending StartTurn packets is even worse, as the game would continue to run(And go out of synch) when the connection is temporarily congested. Not a good thing either.

I think I need to experiment with this a bit, and when I have a good working alpha test release, do some real testing with 2 or 3 people to see how it works out.