Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am an idiot, srsly

I'm an idiot. A huge idiot. Remember how I reported about rolling out 2 Draytek Vigor 2800G routers? Turns out I ordered the wrong routers. A 400 euro mistake.

The routers I ordered come with a built-in modem, and all snazzy features that the router has, are done on the WAN interface(The modem). But, Versatel doesn't allow their customers to replace the modem with one of their own and the new line that was in the new office was an SDSL line. So none of the routers can be used.

I'm trying to order the Vigor 2910 now, which is used to cable(And therefor, has a WAN interface where an RJ-45 plug fits in). I'll contact a reseller to see if it works on the SDSL line and Versatel, and if so, see if I can get a hold of them today and roll them on tomorrow(Which was supposed to be a day off)...


Monday, May 14, 2007

Problem solved, and the lack of updates

I'll kick off with some good news: I solved the issues with the weird rendering of vertices. I got the advice to toggle some of the important and basic D3D feats off/on to make sure it all didn't get messed up.

I decided to walk the list of D3D renderstates and pick the ones I knew and change them to be off. This was lightning, Z-Buffer, CullMode and FillMode. Turns out, the z-buffer was the problem. So now i know where the problem lies, I can continue to work on the issues at hand.

However, there is a reason for the lack of updates: I'm very busy at the moment with school and my business. For school we have program a robot, and most of the hardware of the bot was dead. So we got new hardware, and need to update all the code to work with the new hardware, re-write all the PIC controllers(They burned out, and no source was avaliable) and implement new features too. And I got a few clients that demand my attention aswell.

Tomorrow I will be delivering 2 Draytek Vigor 2800G to a client. And these things are pretty sweet. They support up to 32 simultaneous VPN connections, protocol blocking, content filtering, url filtering and they're wireless too. It's pointless for home usage(As they're 200 euros a piece), but for a business, it's pretty sweet stuff.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Some minor issues...

I'm currently having weird issues rendering linestrips... I noticed this week that the drag selection wasn't rendering anymore, so I went to search what the cause of this was.

I still have no idea what causes it, but the more I test, the stranger the results: After a a reboot or running another DX application, it now shows a filled triangle(As it should), which it is striped. However, when I move my self-rendered cursor over it, it disappears.

Restarting the application doesn't work, it just doesn't show up. Pretty weird... I asked on GDNet, hoping they can help me out....