Monday, December 17, 2007

I hate coursework...

There's a small delay in finishing up all the Game handshaking and getting the initial scene up. I'm currently occupied with a load of coursework which I have to finish because I screwed over a bunch of courses last year and the year before.

Really stupid, but if I want to start my graduation by the end of the college year, I better get all these courses patched up. And because of that, I have less time to work on Dune.

But, I found out I also have to re-do Network Programming(Why I failed that course is still a complete mystery to me), so I'm going to attempt to convince the professor to allow me to submit the network code of Dune. Mainly because it's more cooler than writing lame ass chat server(Using UDP and RMI), but also because it gives him a really cool example to show during classes.

So, I need to finish 1 more assignment for data structures / algorithms(Write an AVL Tree), and then I can submit all the code. One down so to say.

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