Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I need to re-think my class structure a bit...

I was reviewing my network code in the train on my way home today, and I came to the conclusion that I should think it over a little bit before I start expanding the code.

At the moment, on both the hosting and the connecting side, I have either a Server or Client as Task. The task is placed into the TaskManager and therefor updated each frame. Both the Server and the Client implement various properties via an interface(INetworkConnection). This is the connection status, connected players, etc. This is fine.

However, I also need to receive information back FROM the Task, such as when a new client connects, or when the user interface needs to update information. For this, the INetworkConnection is insufficient, because I need various events which come either from the lobby or the game. Such as PlayerConnect, PlayerForfeit, etc. It's a really bad idea to go from lobby -> Server/Client -> LobbyState. Messages would be re-routed via the INetworkConnection, which would slow things down AND clutter the INetworkConnection interface with too much useless crap.

I intend to counter this by creating ILobby and IGame interfaces, which the LobbyServer/LobbyClient and GameServer/GameClient would implement. These interfaces could then contain the function specific things for the lobby/game(such as a joining player for the lobby, and a forfeiting player for the game).

Using this system would probably be more efficient in terms of code maintenance than cramming it all into 1 gigantic interface. It would also prevent the Server/Client task from having to add GameStates, which keeps the seperation of UI / Logic intact.

I should have some in-screen screenshots soon, altho I probably need at least till sunday to buffer up all the player interaction with the game and send these commands over the network to the server. I need to change quite some code in the PlayerInput.cs file(Which basically contains all the code related to interaction from player to game).

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